All-In-One Stacked Energy Storage System (3kW / 4.2kW / 5kW / 6kW / 7kW / 8kW)

  • The number of stacking battery modules is from 1 to 4 (4kWh~16kWh), LFP, which can be flexibly adjusted
  • IP65 protection grade, high power quality, does not interfere with electrical equipment, ultra-low radiation
  • Supports emergency power supply and seamless off-grid switching
  • Stacked installation mode, no external wiring
  • Ultra-quiet design, flexible communication mode
  • Maximum efficiency 97.4%, intelligent MPPT algorithm, tracking efficiency 99.99%
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Technical DataHAS-3KHAS-4.2KHAS-5KHAS-6KHAS-7KHAS-8K

PV Input

Maximum Input Power3.3 kW4.6 kW5.5 kW6.6 kW7.7 kW8.8 kW
Maximum Input Voltage600 V
MPPT Voltage Range / Rated Voltage80~500 V / 360 V
Start-up Voltage85 V
Rated Input Voltage360 V
Number Of MPPT / Strings Per Channel2/1
Maximum Input Current16 A
Short-circuit Current25 A

Battery (Built-in)

Battery TypeLFP / LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Specifications102 V / 40 Ah
Rated Energy4.096 kWh / 8.192 kWh / 12.288 kWh / 16.384 kWh
Voltage Range93~454 V
Number of Modules1~4
Maximum Current30 A
Maximum Charge/Discharge Power3kW / 3kW4.2kW / 4.2kW5kW / 5kW6kW / 6kW7kW / 7kW8kW / 8kW
Cycle Life (25ºC)6000 Cycles

AC Output (On-Grid)

Rated Output Power3 kW4.2 kW5 kW6 kW7 kW8 kW
Maximum Output Power3 kVA4.2 kVA5 kVA6 kVA7 kVA8 kVA
Rated Output Voltage230 V (1PH, N, PE)
Output Frequency50/60 Hz
Maximum Output Current13 A18.3 A21.7 A26 A30.4 A34.8 A
Power Factor-1~1
THDi (Rated Power)<3%


Rated Output Power3 kW4.2 kW5 kW6 kW7 kW8 kW
Peak Output Power3 kW4.2 kW5 kW6 kW7 kW8 kW
Output Voltage230 V
Maximum Output Current13 A18.3 A21.7 A26 A30.4 A34.8 A
Output Frequency50/60 Hz

General Data

Maximum Efficiency97.4%
Euro Efficiency97.1%
ProtectionPV Insulation Resistance Detection, Residual Current Detection, PV Reverse Polarity Protection, Anti-island Protection, AC Overcurrent Protection, DC Switch, AC Surge Protection (Level 3), DC Surge Protection (Level 3)
Ingress Protection RatingIP65
Temperature Range-10~45ºC (Can not be charged below 0ºC)
Cooling MethodNatural Cooling
Relative Humidity0~95%
Altitude≤3000 m
DisplayLCD, Wi-Fi+APP
CommunicationWi-Fi, RS485, GPRS
Communication with MeterCT Meter
TopologyNon-isolated Type
Weight60~150 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)425×340 mm

Operation Diagram

Operation Diagram

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