Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter (10kW / 12kW / 15kW / 20kW)

  • Compatible with different batteries, perfect protection function and strong environmental adaptability
  • Wide DC input voltage range design
  • Multi-channel PV MPPT access to improve power generation utilization
  • Off-grid output connection unbalanced load, supports three phase independent output
  • Ingress protection IP65, wall mounted design
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Compatible anti-backflow function
  • Seamless switching between off-grid and on-grid
  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%
  • Multiple working mode: Self-use mode, Time-of-use mode, Timing mode, Passive mode
  • Remote monitoring of PC and mobile phones
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Technical DataHIH-10K-TLHIH-12K-TLHIH-15K-TLHIH-20K-TL

PV Input

Maximum Input Power15 kW18 kW22.5 kW30 kW
Start-up Voltage200 V
Maximum Input Voltage1000 V
MPPT Voltage Range180~960 V
MPPT Working Voltage For Full Load220~850 V264~850 V350~850 V450~850 V
Number Of MPPT / Strings Per Channel2/2
Maximum MPPT Input Current50 A (25/25)

Battery Input

Battery TypeLithium, Lead-Acid
Number Of Battery Input2
Voltage Range180~800 V
Voltage Range For Full Load200~800 V240~800 V300~800 V400~800 V
Maximum Charge/Discharge Current50/50 A (25+25)
CommunicationCAN, RS485
Battery Charging StrategyAccording to BMS instructions / 3 Stages (Lead-Acid)

AC Output (On-Grid)

Rated Output Power10 kW12 kW15 kW20 kW
Maximum Output Power11 kVA13.2 kVA16.5 kVA22 kVA
Rated Output Voltage220/380V, 230/400V (3PH, N, PE)
Output Voltage Range184~276 V
Maximum Output Current16 A19 A24 A32 A
Output Frequency50/60 Hz (45~54.9 / 54.9~65)
Power Factor1 (0.8 leading~0.8 lagging)
THDi (Rated Power)<3%

Backup AC Output (EPS)

Rated Output Power10 kVA12 kVA15 kVA20 kVA
Maximum Output Power11kVA 60s, 15kVA 1s13.2kVA 60s, 18kVA 1s16.5kVA 60s, 22.5kVA 1s22kVA 60s, 30kVA 1s
Maximum Output Current16 A19 A24 A32 A
Rated Output Voltage220/380V, 230/400V (3PH, N, PE)
Output Frequency50/60 Hz (±0.2%)
THDu (Linear Load)<3%
Automatic Switching Time<10 ms

General Data

Maximum Efficiency98.2%
ProtectionDC Lightning Protection, AC Lightning Protection, PV Reverse Polarity Protection, Battery Reverse Protection, Insulation Resistor Detection, Leakage Current Detection, Anti-island Protection, Grounding Fault, Input Overvoltage & Unervoltage, Output Overvoltage & Unervoltage, Input Overcurrent, Output Overcurrent, Overheat Protection
Ingress Protection RatingIP65
Noise<40 dB
Temperature Range-25~60ºC
Cooling MethodSmart Fan Cooling
Relative Humidity0~95%
Altitude≤4000 m (>2000 m Derating)
CommunicationRS485 (Standard); Wi-Fi / GPRS / Ethernet (Optional)
BMS CommunicationRS485, CAN
Standby Consumption<15 W
Grid StandardVDE4105/EN50549
Safety StandardCE/IEC62109
Weight37 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)591x271x476 mm

Operation Diagram

Operation Diagram

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